Come and discover how we learn swimming

  • What

    School of Fish is a fully progressive program for any level of swimmer from total beginner through to a swimmer proficient in all four strokes.

  • Who

    The program is for parents, swimming teachers and swimmers. It shows how to determine what level the swimmer is at and the building blocks needed to proceed.

  • How

    School of Fish is made up of six levels. The Essentials Course includes the first three levels to progress a beginner to a basic swimmer. The Strokes Course include the next three levels to develop all strokes.

  • Why

    To give the chance for everyone to know how we teach and learn swimming. The understanding of building blocks and progression will enable us all to become our own swimming expert.

  • Life

    We understand that learning to swim saves lives. Education and community spirit saves lives. As I currently live in Vietnam I am constantly reminded how caring people can be. From 2022 all my courses are free to give back to the community. Swim for your life!

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What is the School of fish Program?

How can it help you?

Martin Hamilton

Founder & Instructor

Martin has been teaching and coaching swimming to all ages and abilities for over 25 years. He developed the School of Fish Method 15 years ago and has used it ever since, refining it along the way. Having lived in Papua new Guinea, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East he has a worldwide view of the necessity of learning how to swim and the benefits of correct technique in improving swimming efficiency. His love of water has seen him master Free Diving, instruct Scuba Diving, swim competitively, train Lifeguards, set up Swim Schools, coach National Swimmers, teach over 10k students and most recently run three International School's swim programs across three continents. Martin's vision has always been to inspire swimmers to have a love for water and that this should be shared by all involved: Swimmers, teachers and parents.

Our Community

Zahra Pinto

Olympic Swimmer 2010

"Always swimmer specific and took all of our different capabilities into consideration. Not only were the programs pretty challenging which is what we needed, we also had fun doing them. It was truly a pleasure having a like coach Martin!"

Ellie Camburn

Swimmer 2002

"He completely revolutionised the way that swimming was taught at the school, and transformed us into an award winning team that competed nationally, winning medals at a number of events."

Thomas Ngoga

Swimmer 2011

"Martin Hamilton provided me with a unique coaching experience. Not because he was always accurate in his training methods, but because he was personally invested in everyone's development. I made most of my personal shifts in mentality after he picked my mind and applied his full experience to my goals. #coachofmylife #brutallyunique."

Allen McInnis

Parent 2014

"Martin didn't teach them to be faster. He taught then to pay attention to technique and develop their skills. He taught them the value of dedication.  Speed and confidence was the by-product of these powerful life lessons."

Pascale Reeves

Swimmer 2006

"School of fish gave me more than just the ability to swim, it gave me a love for the sport and a family of friends."

Graham Harris

Parent 2006

"Martin demonstrates that by developing great technique, moving through the water efficiently feels effortless. He encouraged every swimmer to achieve to their full individual ability and to look at swimming as a lifelong activity"

Vikki Wetten

Parent 1998

"Martin taught my daughter to swim from the age of 5 and inspired a love of swimming as both a recreation and a sport. He taught her excellent skills and technique, and also made it fun. She won medals at the UK national swimming championships, represented her University at the national water-polo finals and at 23 she still swims most days. All thanks to you Martin!"

Ollie Norman

Swimmer 2008

"Martin Hamilton's unique approach to swimming training and technique and his tireless commitment to every one of his swimmers is awe inspiring. He helped me strive towards and reach every goal I set in the pool and built my confidence out of it."